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Dues Coupon Book or Monthly Statement? (Poll Closed)


The HOA Board of Directors has a question for all you homeowners out there.  We would like to know if you would prefer a monthly statement for your dues, a one time coupon book for the year, or do you prefer to use automatic withdrawal?

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27 Responses to “Dues Coupon Book or Monthly Statement? (Poll Closed)”

  1. Julia says:

    I’d like something we can pay online or over the phone with a credit card. And that takes Visas, Canyon Gate only accepted MasterCard. Something that doesn’t need any paper associated with it… Is that an option?

  2. chris says:

    According to the AMMRE website, they do accept online payments. Like CGRES, they do not accept Visa for debit or credit. CC transactions are $9.95 also! If you make a payment with an eCheck you won’t have to pay a fee. The third option is recurring payments- also free (I think). Here’s the payment website: https://www.mysmartstreet.com/payment.aspx


  3. Scott says:

    When will the 2010 assessments (both monthly and annual) for January be due? With the holidays cominug up and travel, I don’t want to be dinged for late payments.

  4. Travis says:

    For the Master Assoc you need to contact CGRES about that date.

    As for the Orchards dues you have until the 25th before they are “late”. Plus since we are switching management companies please hold off sending the money until you get a letter from AMMRE/enTrust letting you know where to send the dues to.

    Please don’t set any automatic anything up until you get info from AMMRE/enTrust regarding your new account #’s and any other info.

  5. Margo says:

    Board Members,

    Is it possible in the future to have an Orchards meeting? Soon? I think AMMRE should have one to let us know a little about them and maybe we can address some of the concerns we have with the community.

  6. Dave says:

    Why would we have to pay 9.95 to use a credit card and not be able to use any crdit card? SSN doesn’t pay accurately enough to use automatic withdrawl. Single epay is a good option but we still need to get a statement, coupon book or email (reciept requested) to remind us to pay it in a timely manner.

  7. Travis says:

    The $9.95 is a fee charged by whatever company they are using to process the credit card/debit card transaction. PNM does the same thing or maybe its NM Gas, not sure which one but at any rate they charge a fee for the company to actually process the transaction.

    I’m not sure I understand your “SSN doesn’t pay accurately enough to use automatic withdrawal.” Could you elaborate?

  8. CRYSTAL says:

    I’d either like the coupon book again or automatic withdrawal. Are we still going to have to pay that $200+ assessment on the 1st of January or can they split it up over the months in a year, cause that is quite a burden after the holidays. Let me know if you can find out from them, if not I’ll call.

    Thanks, Mike and Crystal Flowers

  9. Dave says:

    I realize PNM and NM Gas both do that but that doesn’t make it right! Would you pay 9.85 to use your credit card in a store? NO – same thing. Just because they do it doesn’t make it right.
    My SSN deposits never ever get in my account on the same day of the month and that makes it difficult to schedule monthly auto pays when you’re on a tight budget.

  10. chris says:

    10 bucks is definitely high for a cc transaction… but, I doubt it’s AMMRE or PNM collecting that fee. The CC processing company is collecting that fee. I have always tried to find a way to avoid paying those types of fees. AT&T also charges an “ATM FEE” for auto payment… and don’t forget, every time you use a Visa to pay for gas or groceries, the store has to pay a small percentage to Visa for the transaction – it’s just buried in the cost of the food. Dave – what about eCheck? That’s free and seems like it would be easy. I guess the only down side to that is, you’d have to log in every month and pay… similar to writing a check and mailing it out. :)

    I get upset when hotels want to charge 10 or 14 bucks for wireless Internet – how long before we are charged a fee for breathing? LOL

  11. Julia says:

    The companies I work for, CC companies charge between 2% and 4% plus a flat monthly fee of around $20. On a $42 charge, $10 is quite excessive. There must not be many people using that option. And, I’ve never heard of someone being able to only take MasterCard. MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are linked together on credit card processing sites. Yes, there’s slightly different fees associated with each one, but the company only has to have one merchant ID to process all of those.

    Guess we’ll go with the e-check. I’m just happy to hear they’ll be providing more support for the board.

    And, talking about fees, I just saw the CGRES statement for the Anderson heights. There’s a $25 late fee for a $21 charge if not received by the 10th of January. Gotta make sure we get that paid in time!!

  12. Josh & Christy says:

    Would it be possible to set up a meeting with AMMRE to clarify some of these issues.

  13. LYNN says:



  14. Travis says:

    The Auto Draft is a free OPTION to all. The Board does not want to force anyone into using it. If you did use is though, we would not abuse the privliges that are associated with an Auto Draft.

    The Board has decided to go forward with coupon books starting in Feb 2010. Books will be sent out to all homeowners who are not enrolled in the Auto Draft program with enTrust.

    The biggest reason we went with the books is that it will save the HOA, at a minimum, $500 in postage a year when compared to sending out a monthly statement. We did Feb as the launch date for a few reasons. One of those reasons is we wanted to let everyone who wishes to use the Auto Draft time to setup that up. This would reduce the cost even further as we would not need to spend the money to print and mail a book to someone who doesn’t need it. Also, with the holidays and it being so close to the end of the month we just didn’t have the time to get them out.

    The Board does encourage everyone who can to enroll in the Auto Draft program. It can make life simple to not have to remember to write a check or go on line every month to pay your dues.

    Travis Reilly
    Orchards Board member

  15. Melissa says:

    Lynn – Have you thought about doing it thru online baking where you initiate the transaction? Once the new payment details arrive, just set it up as a regular bill. Then you don’t have to remember to pay it, and you get the same benefit of auto pay without doing anything you aren’t comfortable with.

  16. Julia says:

    We haven’t received a bill for January’s fees for the new company yet, are we going to get late fees? Has anyone else received their bill? (An yes, I realize the transistion will take tim, but thought I’d check)

    Thanks – Julia

  17. Jenn says:

    @ Julia, I hopped on here to ask the same question so “no” I haven’t received anything yet either, I will just keep checking back…

    Thanks – Jenn

  18. melissa says:

    You should have received a letter in the mail with details for the January payment.

  19. Tiffany says:

    Does anyone know if I have to set automatic withdrawl up again if I used it previously?


  20. Travis says:

    The Board was told that if you had auto withdrawl with CGRES that you will be automatically enrolled in the auto withdrawl with enTrust.

    But it might not hurt to just ckeck with them.

  21. laura_kohr says:

    When everyone received the 2010 budget for the Orchards HOA, did anyone else notice that our monthly fee is going up 5 bucks from last year? I don’t think we ever got notice in the mail or otherwise that the monthly fee was going up. Can someone clear this up for me?

  22. webmaster says:

    I noticed the increase… I probably shouldn’t posted something but holidays and work have been keeping me busy. I still would like to scan the document and make it available in the Downloads section.

  23. Julia says:

    @Laura – yes, I noticed and no, we received no notification. I was wondering about that since we’re putting so much in reserves if that was really needed… I’m sure it was a hard decision to reach, but…

    Of course, I don’t remember seeing any notification othr than a posting on here that the Anderson Heights was going down or that it was going to quarterly…

    I was also wondering if there was any further resolving of the Anderson Heights responsibilities vs the Orchards…

  24. Melissa says:

    Julia – I may be speaking out of turn, but when I was on the board, Robert (the treasurer) realized that CGRES had not prepared an accurate budget and we were severely under-funding our reserves. We are still at a level much lower than we should be so part of the increase may be an attempt to begin to catch up on that deficit as well as to make up for the expenditures we’ve incurred from vandalism, wear and tear, etc.

    The reserve is really our community’s only safety net to protecting individual homeowners from being billed should something major happen (i.e. sinkhole, major street repairs, etc.) and it needs to have much more in it than it actually does.

    Also, I think part of the reason our Anderson Heights assessments did decrease was because of the board’s work to clarify who pays for what and working to ensure we’re not paying more than we should be to carry our load in the master association.

  25. Laura & Joe Kohr says:

    That’s fine if they want to increase the payment $5, however, a notice would have been appreciated. Especially considering that probably half the home owners will fail to really take time to look at the budget carefully – and then will promptly be considered past due when they aren’t paying the full $47.

  26. Travis says:

    First off let me say that Melissa, for the most part, is spot on as to why we had to raise the dues by $5. Also, this was the minimum that we could raise the dues and still have a balanced budget.

    Second, a notice from CGRES was supposed to have been sent but they did not send it. Unfortunatly this is one of the items that did not go smoothly in the transition. Trust me it was a fight with CGRES to just get them to send the budget statement before the end of the year.

    Third, some homeowners will be mad at the increase, we understand that. The board, being homeowners, were not happy about having to raise them either. We had hopped that we would not have to put a raise in affect but it just wasn’t possible this year. You also need to keep in mind that as an HOA of this size with the ammenities that we have, pool, park, gates. We still have one of the lowest dues rate in the city. Other communities that don’t have some or all of these items pay in the $100’s every month. So, count your lucky stars that at the moment we can keep it this low.

    Finnally I, as a board member, do apologize for the way all you homeowners found out about the raise and the timing of it. It was not the intention of the board to “sneak” a raise on you.

    Travis Reilly
    Orchards Board Member

  27. Laura & Joe Kohr says:

    Thanks Travis, I appreciate the clarification! We really don’t mind the raise, it was just irritating how it was presented. We are indeed lucky to have such great amenities and know there is a cost involved.

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