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The Orchards @ Anderson Heights Homeowners' Blog

The Official blog of The Orchards @ Anderson Heights – made by homeowners, for homeowners

Parking Violations

We received a notice today from EnTrust... Orchards At Anderson Heights enTrust Association Management 2823 Richmond Dr NE Albuquerque NM 87107 May 04, 2010 RE: Parking Violation Dear Continue Reading

Would the owner of…

Last Thursday we had very high winds but, that was five days ago. Still someone's trash bin is sitting at the corner of Humphries and McKinnon. It's laying on it's side near the empty lot. Wouldn't a Continue Reading

Dryer Vent

Hello there. This is not quite a community question, however fire safety and prevention is important to us all. I recently had my clothes dryer serviced and was told that my dryer vent was Continue Reading


I wrote a post about kids in the orchards using my wall to walk on to access Sand Stone, as well as using it to do drugs in the vacant lots.  I have now discovered they have broken bricks from my Continue Reading

Loose pack of dogs

Today 4/16 at around 11 am three small dogs  came down the sidewalk and on my property as well as  others.  They were rusty and white  colored; the rusty one was long haired.     I shooed them Continue Reading

Attack Dogs

I was just out walking, and for the second day in a row I saw small dogs running loose.  Yesterday I saw two, and today I saw six.  They were on the corner of Cabral Trail and McMichael. Continue Reading

Fire started

Around 6pm my husband noticed a fire truck at the corner. There was a fire on one of the empty lots on McKinnon Way. Continue Reading

Sidewalk Parking (Poll Closed)

Greetings, fellow Orchards residents! Nice weather is right around the corner, and with it comes…outdoor activity! Among the fun things many of us like to do is simply walking on our sidewalks, Continue Reading

To those who had a party at the park:

I really hope you consider going to the park today to pick up all your trash. It looks absolutely disgusting and is quite rude to leave our park that way. To those who had a party in the lower part Continue Reading

Courtesy Please

The weather is getting nice, and people are having company over for gatherings. So far today we've had a complete stranger in our yard retrieving a football, and a large gray pick-up parked over the Continue Reading

www.theorchardsblog.net en español!

www.theorchardsblog.net en español!

Hello, Thanks to Melissa for the idea!  I just finished setting up a couple of links to direct people, who prefer to read the blog in Spanish, to a Google Translate site.  You can click on the Continue Reading

Wall Walkers and Drugs

Last week I added a post asking parents to tell the children not to walk on the walls of their neighbors homes (Wall Walkers). I still have several children walking on the side of my home to access Continue Reading

How to get the word out… (Poll Closed)

I'm starting this discussion on a new Post... It was brought up by another homeowner earlier today. How do we get the word out to residents who don't frequent the blog?? Are they not frequenting Continue Reading



Reminders for trash day

I am writing this as a plea to everyone to remember that you should bag your trash before you put it in your can. Every Thursday my wonderful husband spends a good 15 minutes having to clean Continue Reading

New iPhone/iPod Touch Interface

New iPhone/iPod Touch Interface

Hello, Over the past few days I've been working on a new interface for the blog when viewing with an iPhone or iPod Touch. The mobile theme is supposed to be optimized for iPhones/iPod Touches Continue Reading

Wall Walkers

For several months now I have had children, of all ages, walking along the side of my house to access the walls in my backyard. They climb on top of the wall and walk on it, to get to the Continue Reading

Parking when dropping off kids at the gate

I usually leave to work every morning as the bus gets to the gate.  There are several parents who drop off their kids right at the gate.  There is one mini van that parks at the park  facing the Continue Reading

Orchards Meeting

Hello, Although I wasn't able to make it to the meeting tonight, I heard about it!  Sounds like a lot was discussed.  I have a request out for the meeting minutes so that those, like myself, who Continue Reading

Loose dog

I love living at The Orchards because it has always been such a beautiful and safe community. I could go for a walk anytime and used to do so daily with my dogs. However, I am no longer able to do Continue Reading

Orchards at Anderson Heights Homeowners Assocation Meeting 03-24-2010

Got a notification in the mail and saw a flyer on the mailbox... Please mark your calendar to attend the next Orchards at Anderson Heights Homeowners Association meeting. Meet your Board members and Continue Reading

500+ Comments

500+ Comments

The blog has reached over 500 comments today!!! Since August 16, 2009 the site has been up and running - enabling homeowners, renters, The Board and our association management companies to Continue Reading

‘Community Wide Garage Sale! March 20th and 21st’ Discussion Has Moved!

The discussion has moved to the 'Community Events & Photos' section - Please go to http://www.theorchardsblog.net/events-2/community-wide-garage-sale-march-20th-and-21st/ to comment. Continue Reading

Downloads Page Updated

The downloads page has been updated with the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Form, The Orchards CC&Rs, The Orchards Bylaws, The Orchards 1st Amendment to the CC&Rs. The documents are Continue Reading

KB To Resume Building In The Orchards

KB To Resume Building In The Orchards

Hello, all you homeowners & renters in Orchards land! The Board would like to inform everyone that we have received information that KB would like to start building within our community once Continue Reading

How To Leave A Comment

How To Leave A Comment

Some of you may not know what all that stuff is at the bottom of each Post. Here is a diagram showing what field is does what. Figure 1. Descriptions from the Top Down.... You can enter Continue Reading

3 Acre Park

On the news after all the bodies were found KB Home said they were going to turn it into a park. Does anyone know when this may be? I drove past this afternoon on the way home and it looks like Continue Reading

Community Wide Garage Sale

What does everyone think about a community wide garage sale in late March?  I could post signs around the surrounding communities and see if the other communities are interested.  Maybe put it in Continue Reading

The Orchards Delinquency Data

Hello all you Homeowners out in Orchards land! We had a board meeting just the other night & we were presented with the delinquency report for the Orchards.  While we can not print the exact Continue Reading

Master Association Election – New Board Member and Homeowner Liaison

Hello, The "election" for the MA Board member was held this evening.  I put "election" in quotes because of what actually happened.  First of all, only 8 people showed up from the community, 7 Continue Reading

New to the Community

My wife and I have just purchased the house on <removed> Gentry Lane.  We were told at our closing that there is a fee paid to Canyon Gate and that it is collected every quarter.  Then when Continue Reading

Vote favors APS mil levy and bond

Albuquerque Public school district will receive more than $600 million to improve its schools. By 10 p.m. Tuesday, the unofficial results with 94 percent of precincts reporting had the mil levy Continue Reading

Election for Anderson Heights HOA Board Member

I received the following letter from CGRES Anderson Heights Resident, It is time to elect a homeowner to the Anderson Heights Homeowners' Association Board of Directors.  The developer board, KB Continue Reading

KOB story re development at 98th/Gibson

Stuff like this makes me feel better about the issues we face. I can't imagine being one of these homeowners. http://www.kob.com/article/11687/?vid=1285676&v=1 Continue Reading

Un-finished back yards

I'm curious if when enTrust starts their walk through inspections will they start noting the un-finished back yards. We were told by KB that within one year of us signing the papers we had to finish Continue Reading

February 2010 Mill Levy/GO Bond Election

February 2010 Mill Levy/GO Bond Election

Go out and vote on the General Obligation Bond for APS Schools!! As your neighbor and parent of an APS student, we ask you to vote YES. Here's the information on the election... notice Continue Reading

Thank you to the Gate Helpers!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that was helping when the gates were down.  I know it was cold that night! Continue Reading

Cars parked over the curb

Lately I've noticed quite a few cars parked over the curbs onto the gravel. I've even seen some parked in driveways blocking the sidewalk. In the past people visiting our neighbors have parked up Continue Reading

Smoke Alarms

Hi, You may have seen on the news yesterday or today, the house fire in the NE Heights.  That home belonged to someone I've known for a very long time and is a neighbor of my grandparents.  It's Continue Reading

Website Registration Enhancements

Hi, The website has been inundated with phony user registrations that it has become a bit of a problem. I have already implemented a new Registration page that is suppose to stop the fake Continue Reading

Christmas Decorations

Hello all you homeowners & renters in Orchards land! Just a friendly reminder that all Christmas decorations must be removed per the HOA guidlines by the end of the month. I bring this up Continue Reading

2010 Management Transition Update

Welcome to the New Year everyone! As of the 1st we are now managed by enTrust.  All homeowners should have received an introductory letter by now. A lot of things happen in the transition Continue Reading

FYI Regarding Tomorrow’s Incorporation Vote

As previously written on here, we are NOT part of the population included in this vote. I know that we received an auto-dialer call encouraging us to vote no, so I'm guessing others have too. I Continue Reading



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