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Since the start of 2012 the city has been slammed with over 254 thefts of tires and wheels off of parked vehicles in home driveways. It has also extended to cars abandoned on the side of the road, especially the freeways.

Vehicles being targeted are: Chevy pick up trucks/Chevy Tahoes/Suburbans/Avalanches, GMC pick ups/Yukons/Denalis, and Cadillac Escalades.

The suspects drop off one person while cruising the neighborhood once they find one of the above vehicles parked in a driveway. Times are usually between 12am- 6am, usually during a weekday, but sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday night also. The person will loosen the lug nuts on the vehicle and remove the bulbs from any motion sensor lights near the parked vehicle. The suspect will then be picked up and again dropped off up to an hour later with a jack. All wheels are removed and the truck/SUV placed on cinder blocks or rocks to prevent noise being made when the wheel- less car hits the concrete.
These suspects are not that fast; taking as long as half an hour to strip the truck, load up the wheels and speed off. Often they leave a jack behind which was probably stolen somewhere else.

They are not just using trucks….we have arrested suspects using cars, small cars, to carry off the truck wheels and tires. They stuff them in the trunk, in the back seat and even in the front and sit on them. The market is good enough that we have several crews throughout the city stealing tires and wheels. Catching one group does not end the problem.

We are working hard on several things to lessen or hopefully eliminate this problem, but we need time and we need to reduce the numbers now. It is hoped by alerting the community that citizens will be on the lookout for these thieves and reduce the number of opportunities they have to make money off of decent citizens’ property.

Any persons seen walking around property late at night or early in the morning before sunrise should be considered as possible suspects and called into the police at 242-2677 as soon as possible.

For Command Page;

Bill Jackson, Crime Free Programs

SW Command

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One Response to “CRIME ALERT!”

  1. Dennis says:

    Here at the Orchards we have our own little band of thieves running wild. About two months ago my car stereo and my neighbors car stereo were both stolen from our vehicles. Last night my daughters truck window was smashed and her stereo was taken.

    People should be on the lookout for these culprits.

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