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Vehicles broken into on Humphries

In the past month several vehicles have been broken into a few times. One house had both their vehicles broken into three times. Across the street one vehicle two weeks later, and just a week ago another vehicle across the street from me. The vehicles are being broken into in the early am hours. HOA states we have security watching between 6pm-6am (I believe) Well gates are open 7am-830am and 4pm-7pm. why? I believe our gates should be closed including small entrances on the side.

5 Responses to “Vehicles broken into on Humphries”

  1. Jim says:

    I left a fifty dollar bill on the floorboard of my truck. I also went out in the desert and caught a rattlesnake, bit the rattle off its tail, and threw that under the seat as well.

    Hopefully this will solve the problem. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. ray says:

    I have seen that rent a cop just sitting in his car playing with his phone not even paying attention to the cars passing through the gates.

  3. Mark says:

    Jim – nice non sequitur.

    Ray – when you see it, please PLEASE call Pat and let her know so we can get on the company. You’re right that it does no one any good to have a ‘guard’ on duty who is just sitting and texting.

    Mark Racicot
    The Orchards HOA BoD

  4. webmaster says:

    There was an attempted break-in two days ago near the park. Police were notified and a report was filed.

    Please watch for suspicious activity!


  5. rerun says:

    I have seen teenagers getting high at the park in the small parking lot near the dumpster on multiple occasions. I have notified the police, but I am not sure if they ever did anything. Last vehicle I have seen was a Grey Ford Escort with two white males. They like going there in the mornings when there is little activity at the park. I know of a Mother that takes her kids to the park around those hours. She should not have to be subjected to that illicit behavior, especially since she is with her young children. The parks are for families to enjoy not some dope heads to use to get high. There is plenty of trash in this world it’s to bad young soldiers die in war so that some dope head can get high at a family park. Some of these kids have no shame or respect for what is good in this world.

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