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Security Patrol

Do we still have the security patrol in our community?

3 Responses to “Security Patrol”

  1. webmaster says:

    Hi Laura,
    No we do not. The various security companies either charged too much to be within our budget for security or performed poorly when given a chance to patrol our community.

    Parking issues should be reported directly to Pat and all other matters should be reported to the appropriate authority (like 242-COPS or 911) accordingly.


  2. rerun says:

    I have seen on a frequent basis teenage kids go the the park and get HIGH in the mornings. they like to park by the dumpster and spark it up. There is a mom that goes there in the morning with her kids and she should not have to put up with this trash smoking drugs while she tries to enjoy the park with her kids. I have called the cops,but who knows if they even respond. I guess I will keep calling the police every time I see this activity and they might eventually start doing some routine patrols. The last vehicle I saw was a Grey Ford Escort, with two white males. These kids have no shame or respect. I guess some day they will learn that ditching school and getting high will end up costing all of us, including themselves.

  3. JMV says:

    Today I just saw someone shooting their bb rifle out of their truck while on the park’s parking lot. Again not a very wise idea by someone and not much for us to do about it since by the time the cops respond (if the choose to do it) the truck is gone!

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