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National Night Out

Good evening,

This year, National Night Out (NNO) will take place August 6. I was wondering if anyone planned on getting together, perhaps at Orchards Park, for a community night out. For those of you not familiar, NNO is a nation wide project designed to strengthen communities against crime, big and small. Events take place all throughout the country and it is said to have resounding effects. I am more than willing to plan an event, but would love to have volunteers as well as ideas from the community on realistic things we can do for NNO. A BBQ type potluck is always great, as is having jumpers, basketball/corn hole tournaments, anything that gets the community together. Ideally, the entire neighborhood would participate in some fashion, whether it be donating time or resources, and I realize money is tight for us all, however, if we can build stronger ties within our neighborhood, I think it will be worth it. If you are willing to participate, please send me a message with any contact information and I will be happy to start organizing something now. Thanks for your time.


Josiah Moreno

10 Responses to “National Night Out”

  1. webmaster says:

    Hello Josiah,
    Thanks for posting! I’d like to help out! :) I think you have a lot of good ideas and community events are always awesome!

    Currently there is talk for a Pool Opening Party and there will be for sure a Halloween Potluck (have you attended one of those before?! – they are very fun). I think early August is a perfect time for an evening event! I will discuss with the rest of the Board to see if there is any budget for such an event.

    Margo and I would both like to help out – we will follow you’re lead!

    Chris Perkins
    President, Orchards Board of Directors

  2. Jenn says:

    Hi Josiah,

    I am sorry but am just now getting updated via blog and saw your note. I have seen that NNO before online and often thought that it would be a great time to get to know everyone :) and a shame that I hadn’t heard of anything happening around us. I would like to help out if you are still planning something.



  3. Josiah says:

    I just returned from Virginia the other day and I just saw a notice on the marquee as you enter into the community stating NNO is set to take place on Aug. 6 in our neighborhood. Is anyone planning to do anything for this? My wife and I are still interested in putting something together, but we need help from around the whole Orchards. I also put up fliers on every mailbox only to find that someone ripped them down. Any volunteers or items to volunteer?

  4. webmaster says:

    Hello Josiah,
    Unfortunately I will be out of town that day but would like to discuss what the Board could help you with. It would be nice to have a small gathering at the park for treats, games or something (a movie at the park would be amazing!).

    President – Orchards Board of Directors

  5. JMV says:

    I think the idea of having a NNO at our community is great. And it would be also a good oportunity to build some pride into our neighborhood. and at the same time make it a safer place to live in. That being said I would like to volunteer to feed everybody that attends pizza courtesy of Papa Murphy’s Take-N-Bake Pizza, all I would need to know is the time of the event and the number of people that will be attending.


  6. webmaster says:

    Josiah and JMV,
    I just sent you both an email to get things going!! Very excited that you two are stepping up! :)


  7. Josiah says:

    Regardless of who volunteers on here, my wife and I are getting a big (20×30) jumper for the kids to play in. JMV, I’m not sure what to tell you about the pizza. I wish more people would have said they would like to participate. My family will be at the park that night. It is kind of sad that more people went to see about the truck on fire in the neighborhood than actually doing something good for our community. I hope to see more families participate and maybe we can get more participation next year.

  8. DLGray-Wurz says:

    “It is kind of sad that more people went to see about the truck on fire in the neighborhood than actually doing something good for our community.”

    What’s even more sad is watching the owner of the truck seeing what was to become his truck burn down to bare metal.
    Why? Because some kids found it necessary to toss lit fireworks into the bed of the truck!
    How do I know this? Because my husband was outside talking to the kid that was going to get the truck handed down to him from his dad. I asked my husband to keep an eye on him so he wouldn’t get hurt from the explosions as it burnt into a pile of rubble.
    Now that is sad!

  9. JMV says:

    Hi Chris,

    I have replied to your e-mail and as Josiah I will be at the park on Tuesday 6th ready to serve whoever shows up!


  10. webmaster says:

    Hi JMV,

    Yes, I received your email! And I also changed the sign at the park as requested.

    Margo is going to cut up some fruit for tomorrow – she’s going to bring a blanket and chill at the park for a while! Hopefully others will do the same!


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