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Some of you may have heard of a website called nextdoor.com and some of you have already signed up for it.

I found out about nextdoor when it came out back in 2009/2010 but decided not to promote it as we had the blog established and more people aware of that. I also wanted to avoid confusion with information in two places… then facebook made it easy for people to connect and the idea was presented to create this facebook page…

So… my point is… nextdoor.com seems like a good service but I don’t think we should use it because of the following reasons: 1) The blog acts as a historical record of the events of the site. There is no way to migrate data into nextdoor.com 2) With the blog and facebook, anyone can comment… whereas in nextdoor.com, only people with a verified address can participate. 3) I am a network security engineer during the day… I have concerns with the amount of data nextdoor is collecting about people all over the country. They are collecting users (info) and when they have ‘enough’, they will send you targeted ads. (Will they sell your info?!).

If you use it and find it useful, great! But as the person who manages www.theorchardsblog.net and the facebook page, I will not be promoting the use of nextdoor.

I want to know what you think! Do you think the blog and facebook are enough or do you think nextdoor should be used as well?

If you’re already part of nextdoor.com – what do you think about the site?

Please leave a comment with your opinion! Thank you!

One Response to “nextdoor.com”

  1. JMV says:

    I liked the idea of having a site (nextdoor.com)that would make sure only actual people living in the community would have access to. But in the end I did not like giving so much personal information to a page I had no familiarity with. For that reason I did not created a profile on it. I like having Facebook as a way of receiving and delivering information in a sort of real time way but I think you should consider the possibility of creating a closed group or a secret group that would make certain members are also people living in the community and leave out our children(I know I maybe be asking to much)

    Maybe we could have sign up sheets at the different community events letting everyone who attends know about the group and to provide their profile information and proof of residency to receive an invitation to the group.

    Well that’s what I think, again maybe be extreme but just an idea :o)

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