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New enTrust Association Manager

Please be advised that Pat Parkinson no longer works for enTrust – our new (interim) Association Manager is Cindy Lewis McCormick.

Please contact Cindy for anything you need. You call enTrust’s main number, email Cindy or use the blog’s contact form to reach her. Their contact info can be found on their website. Cindy’s email address is cindy(at)entrustam(dot)com

drug use at park

Today on MLK day I went to the park and noticed a group of young black females smoking drugs, along with a skinny white kid that drives a silver Ford Ranger pickup truck. They were sitting on a bench near the basket ball courts, while a group of  kids were playing hoops. There were also families at the play ground with their small kids. I thought what a shame for these youths to waste their minds on a day like this. They either do not know what the Great MLK did for this country or do not care. Instead of doing something positive on this day to show thanks, they wasted brain cells and ruined my day at the park. MLK did not get assassinated , so young kids can get high at a park full of kids.

The Orchards 2014 Annual Meeting – notes

Here’s a summary of the Orchards 2014 Annual Meeting that took place on October 9th, 2014 at the Orchards Park.

Many neighbors, Pat – of Entrust and the Orchards Board of Directors met under a tent in the parking lot of the Orchards Park. In addition to the Board’s report, two special guests addressed the association. Our first speaker was Sgt. Dietzel of APD and second was Mr. Michael Padilla – who is actually a resident of the Orchards – is our NM State Legislature for our district (District 14).

It is IMPORTANT to note that there was NOT a quorum. Which means, a Board election – that was scheduled – could NOT take place due to not enough homeowners representing/voting.
  • There are 448 lots in the Orchards,
  • 142 are NOT in good standing and therefore, cannot vote
  • KB Homes owns 19 lots and provided their proxy to the Board.
  • All of the above considered, we were still about 20 to 25 members short of a quorum.
When KB Homes sells their remaining lots, it will all be up to us (ALL of us) to ensure we have a turnout large enough to do business. Just to give you some perspective: since there was no election – because of no quorum – the Board is now responsible for nominating two people to join the Board. Which is not a bad thing, but I am sure you’ve all heard the horror stories of Boards in other communities. Of course, it’ll never be a nightmare as long as I am living here, but I’m not always going to live here!

It is best that each and every one of you participate and make your say in who is responsible for nearly $300,000 every year. It is in YOUR best interest to participate and at least give your vote out as a proxy.

Luckily, two *new* people have volunteered for the Board positions and will be formally nominated at the next Board meeting. They will be on the Board for 1 year, until the next election.

As a Board, we are starting now to think of new and creative ways to reach out to each homeowner and encourage them to show up and vote. If you have any suggestions, please reach out by leaving a comment here, on fb or email theorchardsblog@gmail.com. Thank you.

APD Sgt. Matt Dietzel informed everyone as to what has been happening in the Orchards, with regards to police calls and incidents. The Sergeant said that nearly 85% of residential burglaries involve a “door kick”. Which means that the burglars brute force kicked the front door down 85% of the time. They grab laptops, phones, TVs and worse case, they take your car keys and your car! Other entries have been through the back door / windows but are less common.

Sgt. Dietzel said that the average response time for the Orchards is 8 to 9 minutes.

The Sergeant also said that for things/incidents that do not need an immediate response, you can call the Telephone Reporting Unit at 505-768-2466. He also recommended that if you leave town, to call the sub-station to let them know you’ll actually be gone so the police are aware. He basically said that if you’re gone, everyone already knows it, so let the police know as well.

Senator Padilla spoke of his many pieces of legislation that he plans to introduce at the next Legislative session and all the fantastic things he and his office have already accomplished.

A couple of tidbits of info from the Senator:
  • District 14 is tied with one other district for largest district in New Mexico.
  • District 14 includes 5 zip codes.
  • Our zip code, 87121, is the HIGHEST in foreclosures in the State.

You can reach Mr. Michael Padilla via email: michael.padilla(at)nmlegis.gov

The Board’s report included the projects completed in 2014.
  • Two Movie-In-The-Park events over the summer.
  • Community Garden at the Park.
  • National Night Out – Pie @ The Park.
  • Community Yard Sale.
  • New Landscaping at front entrance.
  • New Security monitoring / alerting systems at the pool.

In addition to the projects completed, the Board also announced that there will not be an increase in assessments.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Kind regards,
Chris Perkins
President, Orchards Board of Directors

2014 Pool Season Survey

Please take the survey for the 2014 Pool Season.

It is 9 questions and should only take a few minutes to fill out. Your feedback will be used to make the 2015 Pool Season even better.


Bus Stop

I see that the bus stop has been moved back to the corner of Frazier Lane and Duerson Trail. We live in the corner house where the bus stops. As you can see we have a very low 3ft. wall. The children sit, climb, walk, and jump on and off of this wall as they wait for the bus. The fence is very low and it makes it easy for the young ones to climb it and throw trash over it. The parents that wait for their children after school lean against or sit on the wall as well. I have pictures of the children walking, sitting, and jumping on and off the wall. We are concerned for the safety of the children, the structural integrity of the wall, and the for potential injuries and lawsuits. Is it possible to have the bus stop moved to an area where there is no wall or a higher wall? If the bus stop must remain in this spot, can the HOA have the wall raised to prevent any possible injuries? Thank You, The Nguyens

Community Yard Sale – Aug 9th, 2014

Join the Orchards Community in a Community-Wide Yard Sale!

The gates will be held open Saturday morning for guests to come and visit your yard sale!

Yard Sale sign on white fence and blue sky.

Pie In The Park – National Night Out


Come to the Park at 7PM and have a slice of pie from New Mexico Pie Company! There are only a few delicious pie, so first come, first serve!

On the first Tuesday of August, neighborhoods throughout Albuquerque are being invited to join forces with thousands of communities nationwide for the “National Night Out” (NNO) crime and drug prevention event.  National Night Out, which is sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch (NATW) and co-sponsored locally by the Albuquerque Police Department (APD), APD Crime Prevention Unit and the Office of Neighborhood Coordination, will involve over 10,000 communities from all 50 states, U.S. territories, Canadian cities and military bases around the world.  In all, over 30 million people are expected to participate in “America’s Night Out Against Crime.” NNO is being supported in part by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance.

See you at the park!

Orchards Movie In The Park Event: Pictures and Survey Results

Hello Neighbors,

Thank you to all those who came out on Saturday for 2014’s 2nd Movie in the Park event! It looks like everyone enjoyed pizza from Papa Murphy’s Pizza, all the snacks, lovely lavender and plums and also the Happy Gland Band with Sage and Jarrod!

Here are some photos from the 2nd Movie In The Park! (Note: the images are best viewed on a computer. I tested with my iPhone and noticed formatting issues)

It was announced at the movie that the Board and MitP organizers published a survey of 10 questions. Here are the results:

As you can see, out of the 20 responses, it was an overall successful event.

You can view all the results – including the comments – here: https://surveymonkey.com/results/SM-32SGHNR8/

A BIG Thank You to Margo! Margo made it a point to visit every one who came out and give them some of the lovely lavender that was grown right here in the Orchards… She also handed out glow sticks to all the kids and passed out popcorn for everyone to enjoy. Those are just a few of things she has done! :)

Also – thank you to everyone who cleaned up. I did a sweep of the park after everyone left and there was only about 5 pieces of trash! The park was really kept clean! Thanks!

See you at the next event!

Your neighbor,
Chris Perkins
President, Orchards BoD / Webmaster



Some of you may have heard of a website called nextdoor.com and some of you have already signed up for it.

I found out about nextdoor when it came out back in 2009/2010 but decided not to promote it as we had the blog established and more people aware of that. I also wanted to avoid confusion with information in two places… then facebook made it easy for people to connect and the idea was presented to create this facebook page…

So… my point is… nextdoor.com seems like a good service but I don’t think we should use it because of the following reasons: 1) The blog acts as a historical record of the events of the site. There is no way to migrate data into nextdoor.com 2) With the blog and facebook, anyone can comment… whereas in nextdoor.com, only people with a verified address can participate. 3) I am a network security engineer during the day… I have concerns with the amount of data nextdoor is collecting about people all over the country. They are collecting users (info) and when they have ‘enough’, they will send you targeted ads. (Will they sell your info?!).

If you use it and find it useful, great! But as the person who manages www.theorchardsblog.net and the facebook page, I will not be promoting the use of nextdoor.

I want to know what you think! Do you think the blog and facebook are enough or do you think nextdoor should be used as well?

If you’re already part of nextdoor.com – what do you think about the site?

Please leave a comment with your opinion! Thank you!

Attempted break-in

Since my previous attempt at a post wasn’t published, probably due to my irate tone and use of some colorful metaphors, I’m going to try again in the hopes that I can convey my point a little more accurately, in a way that can get my point across.

Yesterday morning, two people tried to break into my house. I was at work, but my family member s that were home said that a man and a woman beat on the door and screamed nonsensically for the better part of five minutes. When no one answered, or came to the door, they then proceeded to bang on the garage door for another few minutes. My wife, kids, and dogs were all freaking out, and were about three seconds from pushing the panic button on our alarm, when the two crazies finally pulled the plug and split.

What’s going on in this neighborhood as far as security? I read the last eight or ten posts on here, and over half of them had to do with security issues. Drunk neighbors that want to fight, cars plowing through the park, dogs crapping in peoples yards, car break-ins, burglaries, vandalism. It’s a joke.

I want to know what our homeowners association is going to do about it. You’d think with the fortune they’re raking in from the dues people pay every month, that we wouldn’t have to worry about getting accosted in our own homes and neighborhood. I see kids getting stoned in the park in broad daylight, and hanging out up there at all hours of the night. Seriously? Is this the best we can do? I might as well go live in the war zone.

This makes me irate, and shows me that the priorities of our leadership is badly misplaced. I know I’m not the only one that feels like this. So what’s the scoop? Has anyone else had issues with people beating on their doors, and acting like lunatics?

Please don’t delete my comments again. If you truly want this to be an open forum where people can solve problems, there needs to be facts and discussion.

Attempted Break-In

This afternoon, November the 1st, two adults, one male and one female, attempted to break into my house. They banged on the front door and screamed nonsensically for about five minutes, then banged on the garage door for another two or three after that. My family members that were home at the time didn’t answer, and were about three seconds away from hitting the panic button on our alarm system. Thankfully, the whackos hit the road, and didn’t return.

I’m not sure what that was all about, and as upset that it makes me that my dogs, my kids, and my wife were all roused by that, I’m actually glad I wasn’t here for it. Because had I been, I would’ve given those two idiots 357 good reasons to see how fast they could run.

What the hell is going on in this neighborhood? I read about break-ins, vandalism, drunks plowing through the park, and all sorts of other bullshit. I see kids getting stoned in broad daylight, and hanging out in the park at all hours of the night. For as much money as I pay every month to our homeowners association, I’m not real impressed with the level of security in this neighborhood, regardless of the fact that there’s police that live here.

Has anyone else had issues with crazies banging on their door, trying to gain entry?

2013 Annual Meeting Summary


Here is a summary of the 2013 Annual Meeting held on Oct. 5th, 2013 @ The Orchards Park.

  • Approved Minutes from 2012
    • Download a copy of the 2012 Minutes here
  • Budget overview given by Pat Parkinson
    • The assessments for 2014 are going to be $54 per month, up $2 and the first raise in 3 years
    • Download a copy of the 2014 Budget here
  • Senator Michael Padilla spoke about the various bills and laws affecting our district
  • Board Member Elections
    • Candidate introductions
    • Announcement of the results

The results of the election are as follows:

Chris Perkins – President

Pete Staiti – Vice President

Arina Caster – Director At Large

Stephanie Aragon – Secretary

Art Cardenas – Treasurer

On behalf of the Orchards Community, I would like to thank Mark Racicot and Joseph Blanco-Eagan for serving on the board and serving our community.

We had a pleasant meeting complete with hot chocolate and snacks – combined with cool temps and low winds, it was a good day in the Orchards.

Chris Perkins
President – Orchards Board of Directors

Lost Puppy

If you have lost what looks to be a very loving young terrier cross, or if you want to adopt this cute little puppy PLEASE contact Margo with KB Homes. 508-0153.

Halloween 2013 #5

It’s that time again!
halloween potluck-2013

The Orchards Blog on facebook

Yes, even the Orchards has a facebook…

“Like” The Orchards @ Anderson Heights!



Orchards HOA Annual Meeting – October 5th, 2013

Hello Neighbors,

The Orchards HOA Annual meeting will be taking place at our park on October 5th, 2013. The time is to be determined.

The annual elections and financial discussion will take place as well as other official business – there is going to be an announcement on the 2014 assessments.

We are going to do the same thing as last time – we will get a tent, some tables and chairs. We are encouraging that people bring a snack or appetizer to share – sort of a mini potluck!

See you all there!

President – Orchards Board of Directors

Black Honda Civic Drove Thru Park Nearly Hitting People!

On Friday night at about 7:45PM a black newer model Honda Civic drove through the Orchards park nearly missing two people – one of those people is my wife!

If you saw this happen or know of anyone who did this please report it! The car came through the park at a very high speed – obviously an idiot was driving.


Noise and Other Unneighborly Conduct

I’ve contacted Pat about this a few times now and though she assures me that my neighbor are renters and will not be an issue much longer, however, I feel as though nothing has been done to rectify the issue. I feel that bringing this to a public forum for the neighborhood to see may help.

The issue is with our neighbors residing at 10617 Covert LN SW. They have quite a few parties and are out in their driveway drinking 5 days out of the week, many times until 1 in the morning, and being disruptively loud to our household (e.g. yelling, throwing beer bottles away in trash as hard as they can, loud music). Previously I had not cared, but since we have a daughter now, I have approached them and asked them to keep the noise down. The first time the neighbor seemed to understand and did keep things tame for a few months. This has no longer been the case for the past 5 months. The last time I approached the man of the house, he was extremely drunk, got in my face, and even followed me up to my door attempting to fight with me which resulted in calling the police. This is when I began to call Pat in an attempt to get them to understand that they are being disrespectful to my family. Now, 6 calls to Pat and 3 or 4 calls to APD, nothing seems to have changed. My neighbor sits outside and bad mouths me, threatens to “kick my ass” constantly and intentionally continues to be loud at night, constantly disturbing my one year old’s sleep.

I tried to do the right thing by bringing it to my neighbor first. Now I will continue to contact Pat and the police, but my wife and I are looking in to moving and possibly bringing a Civil Liberties court action against the multiple parties involved if things do not improve very soon.

National Night Out – August 6th, 2013

There will be fresh baked (on site) Papa Murphy’s Pizza, a jumper for the kids and other snacks.

This is an event to show our community that there are lots of people who care about where they live. The Board encourages each and every one of you to go to the park, bring a blanket and introduce yourself to your neighbors.  The pizza will be provided by one of our neighbors at the bottom of the park. Look out for the a Papa Murphy’s tent and oven!

Come to the Orchard Park at 7:30PM and watch the sunset, eat pizza and get to know your neighbors!


Arson Commited

Approximately an hour ago I saw black plumes of smoke rolling down Humphries. My husband went outside to find the truck of our next door neighbor engulfed in flames.
According to their oldest son some kids threw lit fireworks into the truck. Thanks to those kids, the truck is totaled, all that’s left is a metal shell. The shell on the bed of the truck was already melted before the Fire Dept. got here also, there were three explosions.
That is flat out sick for someone to get their jollies by tossing lit fireworks into the truck. Not to mention risking their home and surrounding homes.

National Night Out

Good evening,

This year, National Night Out (NNO) will take place August 6. I was wondering if anyone planned on getting together, perhaps at Orchards Park, for a community night out. For those of you not familiar, NNO is a nation wide project designed to strengthen communities against crime, big and small. Events take place all throughout the country and it is said to have resounding effects. I am more than willing to plan an event, but would love to have volunteers as well as ideas from the community on realistic things we can do for NNO. A BBQ type potluck is always great, as is having jumpers, basketball/corn hole tournaments, anything that gets the community together. Ideally, the entire neighborhood would participate in some fashion, whether it be donating time or resources, and I realize money is tight for us all, however, if we can build stronger ties within our neighborhood, I think it will be worth it. If you are willing to participate, please send me a message with any contact information and I will be happy to start organizing something now. Thanks for your time.


Josiah Moreno

Home burglary

Hello everyone, I just wanted to warn all of you that our neighborhood has had another break in. I don’t know how long it has been since the last one but a few nights ago(7/10/13) I came home to my front door pried open and several items stolen. I do my best to keep an eye out at all times when im home for suspicous looking people and vehicles and I hope we all can work together as a community to do the same. If anyone has any information about a break in on Payton Trl can you please message me or contact APD. Thank You

I wasn’t sure who to notify….

I wasn’t sure who to notify.  The people who are working outside the perimeter putting in plants and moving the sand dune are just throwing the sand to spread it around.  I thought they were going to remove it?  It just seems like a waste of effort to just spread around the sand by throwing shovelfuls no more than 10 feet.  It is all going to blow back into the corner making another sand dune in 2 weeks!

Lost Dog found

Lost dog found on Gentry on June 15, 2o13. White male, believed to be blue healer mix, did not have collar. Please contact me at 505-252-2466.



swimming pool

I have noticed the clarity of the pool water has been poor the last couple of days. I haven’t noticed the guards checking the chemical levels like I did last year and am a little concerned about the chlorine levels.  We go to the pool almost daily and I’ve noticed a lot of people being let into the pool by other people sometimes the guard. one time a family came and said “let us in. look we have a card” but obviously the card wasn’t working. is there a way to post a warning to people just walking up to the pool hoping to be let in that if their card doesn’t work they need to contact the HOA? we love swimming and want others to enjoy it also. I noticed some comments about pool rules being sent out to the community. I think that is a great idea and a good way to remind people proper way to use the pool so we can continue to enjoy it safely all summer.

Dog’s pooping on yards

Ive been having issues with residents allowing their dogs to poop on my front and side yard. I do have a dog myself and when i walk him i make sure and pick up any droppings he may have. I have yet to catch anyone allowing their dogs to do this on my yard but i think its very disrespectful for people to allow thier dogs to go all the way up the side of my home and allow them to poop without picking it up. Its very sad because i take pride in my home and keep my yard very well maintained and wish others would respect that.

New community social media site available – sign up today

I just found nextdoor, which is a private, social media community geared toward neighborhoods. I created a site for us because I thought it would be a faster, easier and more private way to discuss neighborhood issues. Sign up here and see what you think. I don’t think it replaces the blog – just gives us another way to communicate and share information.

BernCo Offers Affordable Recreation For Kids This Summer

Registration Begins Today
Bernalillo County – Registration begins today for Bernalillo County’s Youth and Senior Services Summer Recreation Program.
The programs offer up to seven weeks of summer childcare for as little as $63.
The programs are based at four elementary schools and offer a wide range of activities including sports, outdoor recreation, a book club and field trips. One program offers childcare from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Four others offer childcare from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m., after summer classes end at those schools.
Details include:
Location: Mission Avenue Elementary
Dates: June 10 – July 26
Programs: Regular, from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Extended care, from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Cost: $43 per child, plus one $20 registration fee per family.
Locations: Adobe Acres, Barcelona and Helen Cordero Elementary Schools (Students from Edward Gonzales Elementary can go to the Helen Cordero Elementary site.)
Dates: June 19 – July 25
Times: 2 p.m. – 6 p.m., after summer school classes end at those schools
Cost: $43 per child, plus one $20 registration fee per family.
Registration begins today from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is on a first come, first-served basis. Register in person at the Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation Department, 111 Union Square Street S.E., Suite 202. Call 505.314.0425 for more information.

Security Patrol

Do we still have the security patrol in our community?

Broken playground

A couple of weeks ago I took my kids to the playground and noticed that several of the original security bolts have started to come loose and others have fallen completely and have been replaced by regular nuts and bolts.

During this visit to the park I also found a kid playing with a large piece of the playground that had fallen off, once the kid moved on from playing with the piece of the playground I tried my best to place it in a safe place for kids while at the same time making sure it was visible to whoever would be in charge of fixing it.

Well tonight as I got home I found the piece of the playground by the park parking lot, and fearing that it would get stolen or broken further I took it in to my garage were it will remain until someone claims it to complete the repair to the playground.


board meeting

hello– when is the next open board meeting? I would like to attend. Thanks!


I am working on landscaping my backyard and want to creat some form of privacy. Based on looking at the CC&R’S I am still unclear of the do’s and don’ts while landscaping. I want to do something for privacy. Thinking of an evergreen shrub and also want to plant a shade tree. What restrictions if any should I be aware of?

Lost Dog Found :: Grey with Black Sweater with Snowflakes

Around 4pm we found small dog running around McKinnon Way and Fencik. Dog is safe and contact Tony at 241-9400 to schedule pickup.

Vehicles broken into on Humphries

In the past month several vehicles have been broken into a few times. One house had both their vehicles broken into three times. Across the street one vehicle two weeks later, and just a week ago another vehicle across the street from me. The vehicles are being broken into in the early am hours. HOA states we have security watching between 6pm-6am (I believe) Well gates are open 7am-830am and 4pm-7pm. why? I believe our gates should be closed including small entrances on the side.

Re: Annual Meeting

Thank you board for organizing the meeting.

As I mentioned, I am anxious (as well as my neighbors) to get the wall issue resolved. Please let me know when and how I can be of assistance. I am ready to start ASAP!

Thanks again!

Break in Last night on Cabral Trl

There was a break- in last nigh (Halloween) on Cabral Trl. Since my husband works with security, we track the reported break-ins in the city and this is the first we have seen in our neighborhood in a long time.

I think the break-in happened because of our open gates last night. Why do we open our gates to the public on Halloween? We had more than 200 trick or treaters last night before we ran out of candy… these obviously are not all our neighborhood kids. Perhaps by inviting anyone who wants to come in our community, we are also inviting more crime.

On a note about the security patrol– I recently saw on the news that APD will patrol in communities for something like $300/month…? I think the program is called “Chief’s Overtime.” Maybe this is a less expensive option or an additional option for our neighborhood security? Just wanted to pass that on.

Survey Results – Topic: Final Thoughts for the BoD and Property Management


Here are your responses for the last question of the survey: What are your final thoughts?

[nggallery id=7]

Comment below with your thoughts on the final thoughts!

President, Orchards Board of Directors

Orchards HOA Annual Meeting – November 17th, 1pm @ the Orchards Park!

The Annual Meeting for the Orchards HOA will be held at our own park this year.

The BoD’s goal is to get as many people as possible to show up so we decided to make a few changes… location, day of the week and the time.

Hopefully Saturday afternoon is better than a Thursday night and because it might be a little cold out, we are going to get a big tent with walls (if needed) for everyone to sit under while we conduct HOA business!

The winners of the $20 Visa Gift Cards will be drawn – show up to claim your prize!

There will be an important announcement on the assessments for 2013 – be sure to show up for the special announcement.


President, Orchards Board of Directors

Survey Results – Topic: Safety and Security


Here’s the post where we can discuss safety and security issues here in the Orchards.

[nggallery id=4]

The images above shows the responses for whether or not you would pay additional assessments for security patrols and your ratings on a few safety statements.

What are your thoughts?

Would you be willing to pay the same amount of assessments for security patrols? What would you want the security company to focus on?

Comment with your thoughts below.


President, Orchards Board of Directors

Survey Results – Topic: Pool


It seems that the pool season went well this year.  Hopefully we can learn from some of the comments that came in and make the pool season more enjoyable for 2013.

Remember, new shade, new concrete decking and tiles went in, the railings/gate was given a fresh coat of paint and automatic backwashing systems went in! We planted thorny bushes to prevent people from coming in the pool area and changed security companies from the year before.

Next year we have budget for redoing the stucco on the Pool house and possibly adding more elements of shade.

In the gallery below, you will see a graphical representation of the ratings for each category and also the comments associated to the same question.

[nggallery id=3]

If you are interested in forming and joining a pool committee, please comment here and sign-up!

What is your interpretation of the survey? What comments do you have? Please comment below!


President, Orchards Board of Directors

Survey Results – Topic: Committees


Here are more results from the survey.

[nggallery id=2]

As you probably already know, those committees currently do not exist… so, if you were one of the respondents who said they would like to volunteer, here’s your chance to sign up!


Prowler in the neighborhood

Don’t know about any other vacant properties, but there is evidence a prowler has been trying to enter 10700 Gentry Lane at least a half a dozen times. I think this time the person may have actually gotten into the house.

Orchards 2013 Budget


The Board of Directors has unanimously approved the budget for 2013.  There will be an important announcement regarding our 2013 assessments at the Annual Meeting. We encourage everyone to attend to hear the official announcements on assessments and many other important HOA related items!! There will also be a some Board positions up for election – so please come to the meeting to vote or volunteer to be on the Board!

You can view it here and also download it if you’re a registered user.

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Note: In browser viewer may not work in all browsers. Please proceed to the Downloads page to download the PDFs.

  Orchards Budget 2013 (56.2 KiB, 5 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.


Chris Perkins
President, Board of Directors

Survey Results – Topic: HOA Role, Responsibility & Value


Here’s a Post to start the discussion on the Orchards Homeowners Association role and responsibility it has with regards to our community – this is also a place where we can discuss why the HOA is here, what value it brings to all of us and what the HOA can do better.

This thread is meant to discuss the HOA, our Property Management company (EnTrust), the Board’s role in our community, the Membership’s role in our community, assessments/dues, and anything else HOA related!

There will be other Posts and threads for discussing other survey topics – please check those Posts out and leave your thoughts and ideas in the form of a comment!

[nggallery id=1]

In the image gallery above, you will see three questions and all the responses to those questions.

One of the questions asks you to complete the statement, “I feel the HOA gives me…”  In the 48 responses, half say they feel they are receiving value and half say they are not. 24 each side, if you add them up. There is a follow up to this that asks you to leave some comments on why you think you do or do not receive value from the HOA – these are the long answers.

The second question asks you to rank the importance of each function of an HOA. There is also a chart representing the rankings of each function.

The third question asks, what role do you think the HOA should play in the community?

What do you think?






Orchards 2012 Survey Results – Download Available!

Hello Neighbors,

The 1st ever Orchards survey has come to an end. Thank you to all those who took the time to respond – you are now entered to win one of five $20 Visa gift cards. The winners will be drawn at the Annual Meeting (we are trying to book a location for the meeting- the date is still TBD).

In the survey we asked if we could share your responses and some of you who responded did not want us to share you responses verbatium. So what I’ve done is run a report that does not include those responses, which are written out (long answers) and have made a PDF available to download here 

  Orchards 2012 Survey Resutls (219.5 KiB, 4 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.

The second download available has 100% of the respondent’s short answers. Download that PDF here 

  Orchards 2012 Survey Results - Public (84.7 KiB, 3 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.

As always, you must be a registered user of this blog to download documents. So please sign up today to get registered and download the results!

There will be multiple posts for you to comment on the various aspects of the survey – this is merely an attempt at keeping the conversations somewhat organized and understandable :)

A total of 58 people responded, however, not all respondents finished the survey. That said, not all questions in the survey will have a total of 58 answers. 48 people successfully completed the entire survey.

Some important facts about the Orchards:

  • There are a total of 448 lots in our community
  • As of October 2012, 62 of the 448 are owned by KB Home
  • 386 lots are owned by people or banks
  • As of October 2012, 88 homeowners owe more than $100.00 (which is past due at least 30 days)
  • If we do not count the lot owned by KB Home, about 22.8% of homeowners/banks are delinquent.
  • 88 homeowners not paying results in a loss to the HOA of $4,576 per month or $54,912 per year!

Since we did not ask or expect KB Home to respond to the survey, there are a total of 386 homeowners eligible for responding. As stated above, 58 people started the survey but only 48 finished it completely… so we have a response rate of 12.4% to 15%. Not a lot, but the information received is and will be extremely helpful to the Board for making decisions.  And hopefully the information gathered will be helpful to you as well. It appears that there is definitely room for improvement which means there is definitely some opportunity for you to stand up and volunteer. Together, we can all make this community even more of a great place to live!

I encourage you to read through both PDFs to see all the responses – keep in mind, some respondents did not elect to share their exact words publicly  So over the next few days, I will be extracting those “private” responses and paraphrasing them for everyone to read. Some responses have names, addresses, and other bits of information that can be used to identify the respondent. It is my top priority to keep your personal information private!

Once you’ve read through all the responses, please use an existing Post or create your own Post and leave a comment! Tell your neighbors and the Board what you think. If you want to do something to help out and make things better, please volunteer and do something positive for our community. There are plenty of ways to help out! The Orchards will only be as great as WE make it.


Chris Perkins
President, Orchards Board of Directors

The Orchards @ Anderson Heights 2012 Survey – Now Closed!

Thank you to all who have responded to the 1st ever, Orchards Survey.  Stay tuned for the results and discussion threads in the next couple of days.

Those of you who filled out the survey are entered to win a $20 gift card – the drawing will be at the Annual Meeting.

There is a lot of good information and input in the results… which will be shared with everyone. The only exception is that some respondents did not consent to publicizing their comments verbatim.

Please comment here if you have any questions or comments!


President – Orchards, Board of Directors

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