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This page can host the conversation about crime in our community. Check back often for updates on crime statistics and reports from the Albuquerque Police Department.

41 Responses to “Crime”

  1. mbrock says:

    check out Crimereports.com and see how crime has escalated since the gates have been open. sign up for monthly stats.

  2. Robert says:

    What’s also interesting to note is that while crime increased in this area, it seems to have skyrocketed all over this quandrant. Think it’s related to it being summer?

    Our gates being open definitely eliminates a deterrent.

  3. Heidi & Kirk says:

    We had an attempted break-in on Monday.

  4. Margo says:

    Sorry to hear that . Glad they didn’t get far . I’m keeping a very close eye around my area in the day .;)

  5. Robert says:

    Does anyone know if homes that have alarm systems have been broken into as well?

  6. Laura Kohr says:

    yep, one of my neighbors had an alarm – I walked out into my backyard, and the cops had surrounded about 3 homes. Scared me to death. Anyway, she turned out to not be home, and when the guy broke in through the sliding door in the back, it set off the alarm, which in turn called the cops….

  7. melissainabq says:

    By the way, I want to give people a heads up about something else we saw on Sunday afternoon while sitting behind a row of cars. A teen male (maybe 16 or 17, tall, heavy set) walked thru in the in-gates from inside the community. He then walked over to an SUV that was parked on the curb of the out-lane, outside of the gate. He got in the back seat for about 60 seconds then walked back in through the in-gate. By the time we got through the gate to see where he was going, it was gone.

    It had all the makings of a drug transaction, which others have observed around the park. So keep your eyes open as you’re traveling in and out and remember that not everyone who lives here cares as much as we all do about preserving our safety and security.

  8. dan says:

    My car was just broken in to right outside in the driveway. I thought we had security here at the orchards. Early Thursday morning sometime between 1am & 6am on the 28 Jan 2010. Now I find real hard to relax.

  9. chris says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that. To my knowledge there is no security roaming the community other than on Halloween night and maybe one other holiday. And in the summer time for the pool.

  10. Mark says:


    First, let me commiserate with you. I had a radio jacked from my car late last summer. Fortunately, I was going to sell the car anyway, so it wasn’t a huge loss to me, but nevertheless, I understand your anger and frustration.

    We normally have security at The Orchards on the Fourth of July and Halloween, plus during the summer months (but only at the pool). The only other security we have is when we believe there is a good reason (like a specific threat, a rash of break-ins, or vandalism) to have it. There is no security patrol at any other time. We actually priced out a 24×7 security service and the cost was staggering – over $100k/year. Adding 24hr security would increase monthly assessments by about $35 – your total monthly assessment would go up to approximatelly $75. We didn’t think many residents would go for that expense.

    Also, if you are thinking about the gate, our gate is not really meant for security. It is meant to deter ‘casual crime’ and to help reduce unwanted traffic in the neighborhood. We can’t stop drive-thru criminals from casing the community, but the gate does help a bit. (APD has confirmed this.)

    The best solution, recommended by APD, is to start a Neighborhood Watch here. APD can help with guidance if you call them at 242-2677 (242-COPS)…

    I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to drop more comments or questions as you get them!

    Mark Racicot
    Secretary, Board of Directors, The Orchards HOA

  11. dan says:

    We need to put a warning to all thieves that enter our community you will be prosecuted. OR WORSE. I just might catch a Cat. What goes around comes around and it hits thieves the hardest. KARMA. I WILL HARM YOU IF I CATCH YOU…Thanks Mark for the info.

  12. DLGray-Wurz says:

    The neighbor behind us catty corner has a home alarm, and his house was broken into in broad daylight. Sad thing is if I had been looking out our back windows I might have been able to call the police.
    It would not surprise me if the car break-in was an inside the community job. If you have young adults possibly purchasing narcotics, you’ve got a need for cash.
    Melissa, did you happen to recall the make and color of the vehicle the teen got into? Reason I ask is, there have been times my husband and I have witnessed a dark SUV sitting on the opposite side of 118th. The drug transaction crossed my mind since there were people in the vehicle, and they made no attempt to follow through the gate once open.

  13. Margo says:


    Sad to hear that homes get broken into. If your neighbor had an alarm, didn’t the alarm company call the owner and the police?

    I also don’t think we should assume that just because a car is parked somewhere that a drug transaction is going on. If it is what could we do.?
    Does anyone know if the police want us to call them and say there is a vehicle parked that looks strange ? I guess that is a good question to ask.

  14. Mark says:


    From my experience with APD, they are quite willing to take calls on suspicious-looking vehicles and/or people. They may not be able to roll an officer immediately, but they’ll certainly dispatch a unit when they can. One of the basics of police work that an officer friend of mine told me is that hunches may not be admissible in court, but the subconscious should never be ignored. The call you make may be the excuse the officer needs to investigate. :)

    Mark Racicot
    Secretary, The Orchards HOA

  15. tmazon says:

    We had a man knock on our door today advertising for “pinnacle security”…I was just wondering if anyone else had the same experience and if anyone knows if the company and/or the people knocking on doors are legitimate. He just made me uncomfortable because of the fact that he was asking many questions about our security system and asked to come inside.

  16. chris says:

    We had them come to our house about a year ago. I’ve also heard of people who have Pinnacle Security as their security system, but I wouldn’t know if that particular person who came to your door was legitimate, and I would be very uncomfortable answering those types of questions too! Not a very good way to sell security systems, IMO. We ended up going with ADT after calling them to come to our home.

  17. Ben says:

    We had a couple of college age guys come to our house and start asking questions about security in our home: do we have any? where there is coverage and where is it missing? can we monitor activity away from home? I kept thinking that no legitimate company would do business like this and then offer a service for a price that was only available if we wrote them a check right then and there. They wouldn’t even tell us what local company would be servicing the equipment. All very suspicious.

  18. Ken says:

    I don’t want to breach my neighbor’s privacy, but I feel the community should know about this. Her house was broken into yesterday (Richardson Way). They attempted to gain access from a side window (can see tool marks), but ended up entering through a back window, then left through the sliding door in the back. The officer seems to think it was younger people, because they left tons of fingerprints behind, and only took what was easy to carry out, and seems to think it could possibly be kids from our own neighborhood.

    Please keep an eye out for each other…

  19. Margo says:

    That is not good. I would hope my alarm would go off in they tried to come in any window downstairs. We all do need to keep watch out for our community. Thanks for the info.

  20. Seferino Florez says:

    My family and I are looking to move in, closing date is set for April 28th, How often are break-ins in this neighborhood?

  21. margo says:

    That is a hard ? to answer. I am not aware of a way to get that information just for The Orchards. I can tell you that my family has lived here for almost 3 years and we have had no problems at all. We do have an alarm system installed. :) Welcome to The Orchards.

  22. Jenn says:

    Last Fall, I had an attempt to break into my house. It was a Saturday afternoon while we were at soccer. They attempted to break in through several of the side windows (the screens were off when I got home). My alarm went off so they did not enter the house and APD was very quick to respond which was great since we were on our way home and right down the street when I got the call. I would have hated myself and two small kids running into the act while it was occuring. My neighbor said that a couple of kids (about 6) ranging from age 8 to ~15 had knocked on his door moments earlier. He went outside and started asking them questions when he heard his dogs barking on the other side of his house (my side). I have an internal siren to my alarm so whether it was him that scared them off or my alarm I will never know but in any case, I was glad I had both that day.

    I don’t think we have any more crime than any other neighborhood especially with the times and economy, from what I hear nowadays it seems like it is just a way of life for some people, as I had my purse stolen from my car a couple months earlier in the NE heights while I picked up my kid from daycare, but I would definately suggest some kind of alarm system in any home you purchase. Also knowing your neighbors and just asking them to watch out for suspicious activity may be enough to deter an event.

    Just thought I would take the time to share my story and don’t know how I missed this post when it actually happened…

  23. Mark says:


    Thanks for purchasing a home here in the Orchards!

    I don’t have exact stats on hand, but in a recent discussion with an official at the West Side police sub-station, enTrust was told that crime statistics were measurably down compared not only to last year’s stats, but compared with Albuquerue as a whole. We (the southwest quadrant) are lowest in crime at this time. Again, I don’t know what that translates to in exact crime numbers, and “lowest” may not seem “good” if your house is the one that gets broken into…but it isn’t bad. A good alarm system and a neighborhood watch are always positive things you can do to help protect your family and your new investment.

    I look forward to meeting you at our next open Board meeting (date to be announced).

    Mark Racicot
    President, The Orchards HOA BoD

  24. Seferino Florez says:

    Thank you for the information that you could post. We’re all moved in and love the area. It’s very nice, kiddos love the park. Nice and quiet neighborhood and very welcoming neighbors. Look forward to attending a meeting when time allows. :)

  25. shawn says:

    Why is no one talking about the drugs??? Seriously, at the parking lot in the park, there is always cars just parked there with people in them & its all smoke filled. Someone needs to watch this, especially in the summer, & at night. Me & my friends cant stand these people doing drugs freely out in the open. Once my family even had witnessed it… its a real shame. :/

  26. lance_corpral_steve says:

    I seen them. I can get thier address and the names.

  27. Mark says:

    Steve – Thank you for being proactive.

    Shawn – I don’t see the things quoted here, but I also have NO doubt that it is happening. It happens everywhere. The best thing we can do is stay vigilant and call the cops when you see stuff like this. Give the address or general location (“at the park just inside the Orchards community”) to the police and let them deal with it… Our tax dollars at work!

    Mark Racicot
    The Orchards HOA BoD

  28. Todd says:

    I’m looking at buying a new lot next month for my wife and son to move into in about seven months, and happened across this blog.

    I’ve seen several crimes reported here, but it’s really hard to get a handle on how common they are since not everybody is going to report them here and it’s impossible to know what percentage will.

    I checked crimereports.com, but if they are to be believed, there have been only about a dozen crimes in all of southern Albuquerque in the past couple months. I know better than that.

    So I just have to ask you who live here: Should I feel nervous buying a home for my family in this area? Are there things you wish you’d been told before committing to purchase?

  29. Melissa says:

    Personally I think the more homes we have, the less things will go on. I think some of what’s happened in our neighborhood has happened because there was a lot of empty space and homes with no one near them to even notice. But I also think some of the stuff that does happen is just stuff that happens anywhere, if that makes sense.

    What size house are you looking for? The reason I ask is we’re probably putting our house on the market and would be moving at just about that time. If you’re interested in our neighborhood, we have a fully landscaped and upgraded home that might work out better than building new.

  30. TEG says:

    This is a warning to all residents that we have had several homes have had their cars rummaged through in the last few nights. Please be on the look out for suspicious activity and LOCK your vehicle doors AT ALL TIMES.

    Also be on the lookout for a white truck with a male driver who appears to be scouting homes for criminal activity. When this individual was confronted, they speed away.

    We have also had a Hispanic female knock on neighbors doors at 1:30 AM claiming to have “lost” her boyfriend. If you get a knock on your door in the early morning, DO NOT answer it.

    Call 311 or 911 if any suspicious activity around you arises. We seem to be getting targeted for criminal activity. Stay safe and vigilant.

  31. TEG says:

    RATTLED Windows, Doors and Nerves

    From the neighbors on Hilgenberg Ln.

    Other than a few nights relief, we had another round where someone(s) was running the street doing crime. This early morning before sunrise, I received a call from a neighbor on their way to work to let me know that there was “a pile of stuff” thrown around and between a residents’ cars and how it looked out of the ordinary.

    I got up and found a book bag and all its contents spewed on a neighbor’s driveway. It didn’t belong to them, although they have had their car entered the prior week. It turned out to be another neighbor’s and their car’s window was broken in order to unlock it and rummage through it and steal money.

    In addition, the police were already on Van Horne walking around with their flash lights looking for “something”. Not sure if it is related to what occurred on our block.

    The police were called and came within about an hour. While waiting for the police another neighbor on the block found a sheath for a hunting knife at the end of another driveway.

    The responding police officer was advised of the near nightly issues and was not aware of any issues here, nor of our community’s liaison with the police.

    The property loss is real and is expensive. Please call 911 if see anything or have people showing up at your door in the middle of the night. This is not going to “move on” on its own.

  32. TEG says:

    correction, police were on Humphries, just up from Van Horne

  33. Ken says:

    While it doesn’t help prevent it, it could help catch someone. Since there has been a huge spike in these types of activities across town, I’ve taken the liberty to install surveillance cameras for the perimeter of our house, and includes the driveway and a part of the street just in front of the house. Based on recent news reports, these recordings can help the authorities catch those responsible. That, and I’m trying to catch whoever it is that keeps pulling up my drainage pipe in the front yard…

  34. Timothy says:

    The cars at all three houses to the side of mine were all broken into on the morning of 10-07-15 1:45’ish am. While I did not have my vehicle broken into I did catch all three of the people involved on security cameras. I can clearly see them walk up the street and check the doors of every car that was parked in a driveway including mine, if it was locked they would simply go to the next car. If you need a copy I can burn the video to a CD or show it to you. Maybe someone will know who it they are. Send me an E-Mail with contact info and I will get back to you with what I have. Tcrusk@outlook.com

  35. webmaster says:

    via FACEBOOK: Madeline Schmitt Krqe: Hey all… I’m with KRQE looking to do a story about this. Im trying to get in contact with Claudia, if anyone could please help me do that– I can be reached at 505-991-4090. Thanks so much! We want to help get these people caught.

  36. TEG says:

    Chris and everyone else on the board, we all got hit with these break ins over the last 2 weeks. A hunting knife was used to puncture a window in order to get a college students book bag and money. This hasn’t stopped.

    Since the police explained that they do not patrol “privately” owned streets and properties, can we please get a security guard, just like we use on Halloween to come out from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. until we can defuse this siege?

    Everyone’s individual homeowners and car insurance rates will go up as do the police reports, insurance claims and the pay outs. I respectfully ask that we examine this for its pure economics and the protection of home values.

    Can you please post the surveillance on the website. Many of us don’t facebook and this is where we go for community updates.

    Thank you

  37. webmaster says:

    I’ve passed this on to the rest of the Board. Personally, I think this is a GREAT idea and is something the HOA can probably afford to pay. Long-term, probably not.. but at least we can try this.

    The video surveillance was posted by facebook users and I simply shared the video. I’m not aware of any way to extract it from facebook videos. If it is uploaded on YouTube, then that would work great, but.. I’m not sure how.

    Thank you for your comment and your recommendation. I will try to get this pushed through quickly.


  38. TEG says:

    The Orchards featured as the lead story on KROE news on 10/8/2015

  39. TEG says:

    KOAT also did a story yesterday after the same neighbor’s temporary patch to her window was cut open in order to regain entry and rummage and violate.

    People have taken up neighborhood patrols, but they aren’t professionals and unfortunately as it was not sanctioned or coordinated, an encounter where two parties were suspicious of the other, nearly resulted in a shooting. But, bullets can fly anywhere and no one welcomes the thought of bullets coming in their house.

    Not sure if the pictures of the “kids” riding the gate was the result of the new security camera and who has access to the footage, but I applaud the neighbor who identified where their parents live. To answer the question regarding whether the owners at The Orchards know how much is spent to repair the gate?…we’ll we all know who is gonna a bill or fine for this in order to recoup these expenses.

    Does anyone recognize who these individuals are that are in this security footage? Ask your children…they might. Put it out here so the people who were broken into can visit their parents in order to settle things.


  40. James says:

    On 5 August the front door to my home was kicked in during the day. A firearm, all of my wifes jewelry and several irreplaceable items I brought back from Afghanistan were stolen. Not only that, this individual decided to rummage through our dirty laundry and take some of my wife’s underwear. Not only are we dealing with a criminal but also a pervert.

    A proper police report was filed and with being in Law Enforcement myself I managed to figured out that the shoe print on the door is a size 10-12 athletic shoe, most likely a Nike Cortez or Adidas Shell Toe.

    Now, luckily no one was hurt and nearly everything that was taken is replaceable but my question is, where is the HOA? What is the HOA doing about these types of crime? The dues are paid monthly which must result in thousands of dollars gained each month and for what? To make sure the rocks are pretty in the park? How about a security patrol. How about better cameras at the gate and how about prompt responses to these type of issues?

    The HOA has seemingly done nothing over the past year I have lived here. They are concerned if your trash can is left out over 24 hours but not concerned about dead animal carcasses in the front yard of the abandoned house that completely degrade any value this neighborhood has.

    As a community we must demand that something is done. What happens when this type of crime happens when someone is home? Will he have a violent crime happening in this neighborhood?

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