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Architectural Control and Review

Architectural control restrictions are designed to maintain the aesthetic harmony of the community and thereby also to protect property values. When a community is first constructed, the builder likely designed it so that it conveyed a certain look and feel (primarily to aid in the sales of homes in that community, but also to create an attractive place to live). Over time, residents will make modifications to the exteriors of their homes (whether necessary or not) such as changing the paint color or roofing materials, the addition of landscaping, fences, decks, and play areas. Without an architectural standard, these gradual changes can easily change the overall appearance of the community. In turn, these changes may be perceived as weakening the spirit of common design and neighborhood aesthetic, which may then affect property values.

Appearance is not only limited to upgrades or changes, but also to neglect. Not everyone takes pride in the appearance of their home and yard. Imagine how you would feel to live next door to a home where the grass was not cut, the landscaping consisted of dead bushes, paint is peeling on the house, and an old trailer with a torn tarp is parked in the street. Architectural control standards help ensure your – and their – property values are protected through the use of courtesy notices and a Notice of Violation process (which includes fines).

The Architectural Review Committee exists so that the Orchards at Anderson Heights can remain a special place to live. Anyone wishing to make external changes to their property must meet the association’s requirements for modifications and submit an application before initiating work. NOTE: Changes to the exterior of the home, including landscaping in any part of the yard, should be submitted by the Owner, although a lessee or renter can submit a request if it is signed by the Owner. The philosophy of the Committee is to only deny requests that are clearly not in keeping with the character of the community. Generally, where possible, the Committee will make suggestions or apply conditions to an approval.
For example, an Owner might submit a request to construct a tool storage locker (purchased from a local home improvement store). The Owner provided a model number and the Committee checked it, only to find that it comes in three different colors. The Commmittee might approve the request for the locker with a stipulation that “…the color chosen must compliment the color of the house…” Any stipulations added by the Committee must be followed, just as the submitted plan must be followed, or the Owner will be subject to the violation process.
Generally, the Architectural Review Process includes:
  1. Read the Design Guidelines
    The Design Guidelines, as well as other legally binding documents, are provided to homeowners prior to closing on a house.  Please read the guidelines and application requirements carefully before submitting your application. If you never received one, you will find it elsewhere on this site. You may also request one from enTrust Property Management Company by calling (505) 266-2000.
  2. Submit an Application
    Submit your application, along with any other required documentation, to the management company. Please allow the alloted time period for your application to be reviewed.  Incomplete information may delay your project.
  3. ARC Review
    The Committee will review your application and perform any site inspections (as needed) to verify the information in your request.  You will be contacted if the ARC has questions or if there are problems with your request. Note – the ARC only approves or denies requests based on compliance with the communities Design Guide and Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions document (CC&Rs). It is up to you to make sure you meet local permit requirements.
  4. Approval or Rejection
    You will be notified of the approval or rejection of your request.  If you have questions about the disposition, please contact your community manager.

Although enTrust, our property management company, normally inspects the Community, anyone can report a suspected violation directly to enTrust, who will then send out the appropriate lettter to the Owner. Just call enTrust at 266-2000 with your report.

Pay Dues

Homeowners can make payments online by going to: https://hoamco.com/payment.html


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