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The Orchards @ Anderson Heights Homeowners' Blog

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Paying for the Association’s Operations

A community association typically has a wide range of services which it can provide for its members, as well as corresponding costs. The homeowner’s voice and election of Board members determine the level of service provided and the ultimate costs to the members. Community associations depend upon their members to make timely payments of assessments to ensure all obligations can continue to be met.

Because the Orchards is a private community, all residents share equally in the costs associated with street and sidewalk maintenance; street lights (poles, bulbs, and electricity); street and traffic signs; park equipment maintenance; fence, wall, and gate maintenance; park and community landscaping; and pool maintenance, including heating, cleaning, and bathroom maintenance. The Board has also decided that security services at the pool during the pool use months is a reasonable community expense, as is some security services during some holiday periods for community patrols. 

The Association maintains two accounts as required by both law and “best practices”. One account is a regular cash account, used for daily operations to “pay the bills” – electricity and gas, insurance, landscaping of public areas, vandalism repairs, pool maintenance, and more… A second account, funded by specific allocation from monthly collections, is the “Reserve Account”, or just “the Reserves”. The Reserves account is used to build up large sums of cash in order to pay for major infrastructure items, including street sealing and repaving, major expenses related to the entry and exit gates, or other large projects. For example, when it becomes necessary to pay for the complete repaving of all of our community’s streets, we must have enough in the Reserves to pay for it.

In the event of a sudden and unpredicted expense, the Board may seek permission from the Membership (the Owners) to levy a special assessment to pay for the expense. For example, if there was a spike in vandalism activities and the repairs were particularly expensive, the Board might seek a special payment from each Owner to cover those costs. If you are interested in how this process works, please see Article 4 of the CC&Rs.

Pay Dues

Homeowners can make payments online by going to: https://hoamco.com/payment.html


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